About us

The National LGBTQ Workers Center is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer organization where workers can go to stand up to workplace discrimination and fight for economic justice.


Through issue-based grassroots organizing and labor education, we work to create social change with an emphasis on uplifting Queer and Trans People of Color.

We aim to create a world in which all LGBTQ people understand their rights as workers and have the resources to organize their workplaces and communities.


LGBT People in the Workplace: Demographics, Experiences and Pathways to Equity

Coauthored with the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), our latest research, LGBT People in the Workplace: Demographics, Experiences and Pathways to Equity, details the history, demographics and experiences of LGBT people in the workplace.

In addition to outlining the barriers facing LGBT workers because of prejudice, the brief also examines the added challenges facing workers—lower wages, lack of comprehensive immigration reform, barriers to employment for individuals with a criminal record, a changing economic landscape—and how these challenges also impact LGBT employees.

The report concludes with recommendations for enacting federal- and state- level protections and advancing worker-centered change at the local level.


Our People

Board Aunties

We all have that auntie in our lives who serves as a mentor, challenges us to grow, effortlessly leads by example, and drops in to help when they can. Our Board Aunties bring rich experiences that we lean on from time to time to elevate our work.


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